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The Spark of Inspiration

It all began with a fascination for a multi-pen and a mechanical pencil.

Back in 2016, during one of my routine visits to a local stationery store, I was deeply intrigued by these writing tools.

They weren't just regular pens and pencils. They were the embodiment of Japanese craftsmanship – sleek, durable, and beautifully designed.

The Birth of an Idea

A trip to Japan opened my eyes to the vast world of unique and innovative stationeries.

From pens with multiple ink choices at a click to notebooks designed for optimal note-taking, the sheer variety was overwhelming and incredibly exciting.

Why were these treasures limited to Japan?

This realization was the catalyst for a mission – to bridge the gap between the Japanese stationery market and eager Malaysian consumers.

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The Journey Begins

Without a background in ecommerce or imports, the journey was not without challenges. But passion drove the mission.

The first step was to find trustworthy suppliers in Japan who shared the same vision of quality and authenticity.

After establishing these relationships, the next task was to handpick stationeries – some boasting of special functions, some purely aesthetic marvels – that would resonate with Malaysian users.

Thus, the ecommerce platform was born, a portal that became the gateway for Malaysians to access the finest Japanese stationeries.

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More Than Just a Business

For us, this isn’t just about selling stationery. It's about bringing a piece of Japanese artistry and ingenuity to Malaysia. Every product on our platform tells a story of design, purpose, and craftsmanship.

Furthermore, we recognize the impact of quality stationery on productivity and creativity. For students, artists, professionals, and everyday users, the right tools can make all the difference.

Our aim is to ensure that our customers in Malaysia don’t miss out on these gems that could potentially elevate their writing or artistic endeavors.

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